Finding housing

The real estate market in Nantes

In greater Nantes, the monthly rents (excluding charges) vary from €8 to €12 per sqm, for an average of €730 per month for a 70-sqm apartment. Farther away from the central area, prices are much lower, and the monthly rent for a 70 sqm apartment drops to less than €600.

Purchase prices range from €2,400 to €5,000 per sqm, depending on the location and type of home.

The real estate market in Saint-Nazaire

Average rents (excluding charges) are about €10 per sqm, or €700 monthly for a 70-sqm home. Many neighbourhoods are less expensive, with 70-sqm apartments going for €600 or less. Purchase prices range from €2,000 to €2,500 per sqm, depending on the location and type of home.

6 tips for moving house on your own

  1. Get boxes: you can get boxes for free from supermarkets and in industrial areas, or buy them in DIY stores.
  2. Choose the best period: in general, people move house from May to September and on weekends.
  3. Let your future neighbours know: a move can inconvenience other residents if you need to temporarily block elevators or passageways. To start out on the right foot with your neighbours, remember to let them know in advance!
  4. Rent or borrow a truck: many companies rent vehicles for removals (Rentacar, Avis, Ada, Sixt, Europcar). Collaborative platforms, such as Drivy, also offer alternatives.
  5. Rent equipment: you may need a furniture lift, hand trucks, dollies and straps. You can rent this type of equipment from several companies.
  6. Reserve a temporary parking place: this is important when moving into an area where parking is complicated. The permits are issued by the city hall:

Hire professional movers

If you can afford it, hiring professional movers is the best solution for moving house easily and saving time.

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