Making friends

Making friends

Once you're settled in Nantes Saint-Nazaire, it is natural to look for ways to make friends as quickly as possible. It's easy in Nantes and Saint-Nazaire, where the people are traditionally very welcoming. You can meet people at work, the children's school, at cafés, but you may want to join activities to get to know people or meet people from your home country.

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Nantes has many foreign consulates. The list and contact details are available here.

Associations and clubs

Joining an association or club is a good way to meet new people. For cultural or sports activities, you can find the addresses of all the Nantes associations on the website of the municipality of Nantes or Saint-Nazaire.

All sorts of activities and sports are available.

Learning French

Speaking French will obviously help you fit in locally. There are a number of organisations to help foreigners learn French. In Nantes, the association ESN Autour du Monde offers multilingual evenings at cafés. More broadly, there are many ways to learn French, and the options are listed here.
In Saint-Nazaire, you have several options to help you learn French.

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