Help finding housing

Distance, lack of time and cost of travel can be obstacles to finding housing before you arrive. There are several solutions to get help finding housing

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Real estate agencies

In France, real estate agencies are one of the most common solutions when you need help finding housing. They are reliable partners when it comes to renting or purchasing a property. Their job is to be the go-between between landlords and tenants or between buyers and sellers. You can expect to pay an average fee of one month's rent for a rental. For purchases, you will be charged a percentage of the purchase price (between 5% and 7%), as well as notaire fees (set by law: 7% to 8% for existing property and 2% to 3% for new-builds).

Relocation agencies

Relocation services are for people who want to delegate the entire housing search process. After working with you to define your specifications, the agency looks for properties and arranges visits. They also offer other services, such as representing the new tenant or owner when turning on utilities, or enrolling children in school. In some cases (job-related move, recruitment) the cost of these services may be paid by your company.

Flat hunters

Flat hunters are relatively new in France, and they are generally found in larger cities. They search for properties for prospective buyers or renters. They help to negotiate and secure the transaction and provide advice at every stage of the project. These agents are free to set their own fees. In general, their fees depend on the value of the property or the monthly rent.

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